Why Kim & Kino From The Gossip Game Should Be Your New Favorite Couple

If you’ve been tuning in to The Gossip Game on Mondays at 9pm ET/PT, you’re likely familiar with Kim Osorio and her industry-connected husband, Kino. After witnessing the power couple’s dynamic during the first two episodes, we might be just as in love with them as they are with one another.

Set in a male-dominated industry, The Gossip Game often touches upon the conflicts women face as they navigate hip hop’s lanes; whether it’s in publishing, on the radio, or in covering the gossip beat as a journalist or blogger, our seven cast members have seen their fair share of chauvinistic behavior. As a veteran in the game, Kim Osorio may have had it the worst (see: the “law suit” she mentioned in episode one). After emerging from a scandal and starting fresh, Kim knows what time it is, and if she ever forgets, Kino’s there to remind her and keep her on her toes.

Any woman who’s ever spent time with a man who’s embedded in the hip hop industry will tell you that verbal filters aren’t always employed. In Kino’s case, he’s the manager for Slaughterhouse artists Royce Da 5’9 and Crooked I, and in a brutal-but-playful way, often rains truth bombs on Kim’s professional parade.

Disclaimer: Some might find Kino’s comments offensive. But we think that’s kind of the point. In the first episode, he called Kim’s all-ladies hip hop panel idea “bitches with opinions.” At the show’s premiere party, he participated in the cast-member Q&A by asking moderator Mona Scott-Young if viewers would see any nipples or girl-on-girl kissing during the season. In the show’s second episode, Kino told Kim that when women get together, “they argue, they compete, [and] they complain.” Do we smell a controversial break-out star?

The couple’s banter has proven to be both endearing and hilarious so far this season, and we can’t wait to see them get a bit more on-camera shine. Luckily, in this week’s set of What You Didn’t See On TV clips, we get a *bonus* scene from Kim and Kino that shows them talking about Kim’s all-female hip hop roundtable idea. Demonstrating how their conversations might mirror hip hop’s “no girls allowed” mentality while still showcasing Kim’s quick wit -a characteristic of her personality likely cultivated after years of implanting herself in the sink-or-swim industry- we, too, are guilty of being thoroughly entertained.

Kim: “What would get you to watch it?”
Kino: “You should get a stripper.”
Kim: “Is anyone in your family available?”

Watch Kim make a case for women driving the industry in the clip below, and stay tuned to The Gossip Game to see more of Kino’s antics!

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