A Guide To The Off Pitch Cast And Their Glee Counterparts

Glee may be  fictional, but we’ve found the next best real thing in Off Pitch, our upcoming reality series that follows a true, Glee-inspired adult show choir. Along with singing, struggles with interpersonal relationships and an unwavering dedication to their group’s triumph are the focus of the show, just like our imaginary friends at McKinely High.

To prep you for the big Off Pitch premiere on April 17 at 10/9 C, we thought we’d provide some simple shorthand so you can figure out which Glee character each of the key Grand River Singers members equates to best. Read more…


As the fearless leaders of this show choir, the duo takes the place of Glee’s Will Schuester, the dedicated, but often misguided coach. They’ll do anything for their club, and the club will do anything for them. We just hope Rob and Tim don’t have any ill-fated rap solos planned…


We’ve got to give our angel-faced (and angel-voiced) boy Greg the role of Kurt “Porcelain” Hummel.  Sure, the majority of the guys in this club are gay (Eric, Justin, and Jon, to name a few–a much different world from Lima, Ohio!), but Greg just radiates that Hummel star quality, with a dash of early Kurt’s diva sensibilities. But the most important question is–can he find his own Blaine?


As dance captain, Aubrey’s biggest fear is having to sing solo. When Mike and Brittany joined the Lima glee club they were used primarily as pop-locking background performers, but over time they came out of their shell and became stars. We think Aubrey should follow in her Glee characters’ footsteps!


Josh is holding it down as one of the few straight members of GRS. He says the attention from other guys sometimes makes him uncomfortable, but we don’t buy it. He’s just early Finn Hudson, who didn’t know how to handle his soon-to-be-stepbrother’s affections (wow, Glee is a really weird show). We think Josh is beyond that development–a great ally and just a little lost as to his next step. Like Finn returned from his failed military career back home, Josh is living with Rob and Tim for now and finding his footing (just like Mr. Schue took Finn under his wing this season).


This is the easy one. Vanessa is the self-proclaimed diva and hankers to get her voice on every song. All she’s missing is some signature gold stars and a pair of gay dads and you’ve got Rachel Berry all over the place. The most important lessons Rachel has learned on Glee is to let go of her diva side and work with her teammates, not against them.


As the sweet girl from the small town, Liv just screams Glee newbie Marley Rose. Marley has battled her insecurities, and Liv is worried about how the other girls in the group see her. She’s also a bit of a flirt, just like Marley who’s been juggling two different love interests all season.

MARCIA = ???

We might have found the one GRS member we can’t easily pin down. Marcia is a goofball like lovable Sugar Motta, a great singer like Mercedes Jones, and plagued by some self-esteem issues like early Tina Cohen-Chang. But for now, we’re just going to let Marcia be Marcia.

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