Meet Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Newest Cast Members DJ Traci Steele And DJ Babey Drew

The DJs are ready to turn up, get the party popping if you will. DJ Traci Steele and DJ Babey Drew join the wild cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but everyone has one question: Who are they?

“I’m not scared of nothing,” DJ Traci proclaims. Her bold declaration that the show needed a DJ was the beginning of her LHH ATL debut. A fun girl who knows what she wants. Any wagers on how long it will take for her to be tossed in the mix of the drama? We have dibs on the second episode. Now the real tea is that she and DJ Babey Drew were together for four years, split while she was pregnant and aren’t together now, but remain friends. In a joint interview with Funky Dineva the two are mighty chummy.

Does Traci mind Drew dating other people? “As long as they grown, a grown woman,” she said with a little sass. “He like 21-year-olds. I can’t.” Drew’s interest in the young cubs has caused problems for the exes turned friends. “I’mma go to the senior citizens home this weekend and get me a shorty and see how that works.” Traci is with it. But are they with getting back together? Do pigs fly?

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