Off Pitch: Liv Wears The Pants For The Grand River Singers

Our series of energetic Off Pitch introductions continues, this time with a few hair-related secrets we couldn’t reveal to just anyone. Meet Liv, wearer of the GRS (under)pants, who’s been nice enough to take the Blog behind the scenes during her performance day rituals, which include physical warm-ups and some real struggles with a teasing comb.

She may not share Rob’s love of big hair, pageant looks, and drag queens, but that doesn’t affect her place in the GRS family. “Grand River’s a lifestyle,” she says. “You come here, and suddenly, like, I own a weave! Suddenly I want to wear fake eyelashes. I don’t think a lot of people expect that when they join the group; they don’t expect to be brought into a family.” Aww.

See more of Liv’s fear of big hair, and catch the series premiere of Off Pitch on Wednesday, April 17 at 10/9 C!

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