Off Pitch: Meet Josh, A Show Choir Stud Waiting For His Moment

With a string of gentle words spoken into the warm, Midwestern sun, chances are you may have mistaken Grand River Singers member Josh for a contestant on The Bachelorette. As the lone straight, male member of GRS, Josh is ready to assume his role as Off Pitch’s unofficial stud.

When asked to describe himself, Josh looks to his shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair (which is “cool” and “gnarly”). Despite his charm and easy-going attitude, J-bone feels his love life is a “lost cause” (not for long!), which requires the help of his platonic girlfriends. Watch the ladies of GRS coach him on how to make a move, helping to cull appropriate pick-up lines and master coffee shop game in the process.

Learn more about Josh’s dating style, and catch the series premiere of Off Pitch on Wednesday, April 17 at 10/9 C!

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