Angela Yee Talks Ebro Controversy & Being Offered K. Foxx’s Job First

Instead of losing her temper and then hugging it out with Ebro on this week’s episode of The Gossip Game, could Hot 97’s K. Foxx have handled her boss and co-host’s offensive on-air comment differently? Power 105 radio rival Angela Yee would argue yes: When she sat down with VH1 this week, Angela had some impassioned opinions to share not only regarding the incident, but on Hot 97’s office dynamic and K. Foxx as well.

We’ll let her fully explain in her own words, but according to Angela, Ebro offered her K. Foxx’s spot on Hot 97’s morning show first, and she turned it down. Considering this week’s chauvinistic interaction with him, do you think she dodged a bullet in making that decision?

Keep reading to hear Angela speak up about dealing with sexual harassment in the work place, and what she would have done had she been in K. Foxx’s pumps.

Angela had a lot to say about the moment in this week’s episode when Ebro tried to slander K. Foxx on-air saying she’d seen all the rappers’ johnsons. “At Power 105, no one would ever speak to me like that,” Angela told us in our exclusive VH1 interview. “That just wouldn’t happen, and I feel like that is just completely unacceptable in your work place.”

Some people might call Angela a know-it-all for giving unsolicited advice, but on the next page, she explains ways that she’s imparted some friendly pointers to K. Foxx over the years. But has it fallen on deaf ears?

Nodding at the fact that K. Foxx might have poor judgement in how she handles certain situations (like being shy to publicize her engagement), Angela admitted to us that despite them being on opposing teams, she’s tried to guide her radio adversary in the past. Is this a #YeezyTaughtMe moment, or should Angela stay in her lane?


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