Off Pitch: Marcia And Nick Take It To The Bedroom

Since we’ve been having difficulty aligning Off Pitch’s Marcia to a specific character from the Glee universe, it’s time to take a closer look a the young woman through the eyes of her BFF (and fellow GRS member), Nick. The two have created a strong bond thanks to their mutual love of video games, and can relate to being asked whether or not they ever pulled a “Parent Trap” at school.

Because they’re good friends, Nick can be honest and say that Marcia’s “not the best dancer”– likely a move inspired by artistic directors Rob and Tim’s blunt take on talent assessment. Still, what Marcia can’t do with choreography she makes up in impromptu modeling gigs. Watch her put a unique spin on “Wisconsin disco fashion” and ignore your mom’s request for a tidy bed, above.

Learn more about Marcia and Nick’s friendship and twin super powers, and be sure to catch the series premiere of Off Pitch on Wednesday, April 17 at 10/9 C!

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