Instigator Or Misunderstood? In Defense Of The Gossip Game’s Ms. Drama recently sat down with Ms. Drama, The Gossip Game’s jab-thrower extraordinaire. But before we fully vilify the woman we see on TV, we wanted to get a better sense of what goes on inside that wacky noggin of hers.

As a woman who openly admits she’s been “repeatedly dismissed” in an industry of naysayers, Drama’s had to encourage herself over the years and doesn’t mind the grinding, loner-like persona she’s come to embody along the way. During a recent interview with the Spelman alumnist, blogger and media personality, we saw a much softer and collected side than what cameras have been capturing.

“I’m working on being more secure,” Drama told us, nodding at the fact that she’s been slowly building her platform over the last few years, now trying to be comfortable with opening her life up to millions of viewers each week. Snagging the same interviews that bigger outlets are getting, Drama refuses to let prettier or more popular personalities bully or diminish her work and hustle. “All these women are working on themselves, and I think you’ll see that on the show. You’ll see our humanity, and our process, and our growth, and sometimes our failures. But in all that, it makes us human.”

Seeking to bring fun and liveliness to the show, Drama seems to have accidentally provided another kind of entertainment: conflict. But when it comes to her cast members, Drama only has uplifting words to share.

“I really wish all of them the best… They may look at me and want to fight me, but I wish them the best because what they’re going through, I can’t fix, and I hope they fix it.” Shots?

Tune in tonight’s episode of The Gossip Game at 9pm ET/PT to see Drama in all her glory. You won’t want to miss it!

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