Which Love And Hip Hop Lady Had The Baddest Shoe Game? [POLL]

By baddest we mean freshest, most dope, flyest. Before the drama pops off tonight on part two of the Love and Hip Hop, let’s focus on ogling over what female viewers care about most: fashion! And what is an outfit with out a bada*s shoe to complete the look?

  • IMG_8166

  • IMG_8173

  • IMG_8179

  • IMG_8181

  • IMG_8324

  • IMG_8326

  • IMG_8329

  • IMG_8332

  • IMG_8341

  • IMG_8347

Our fashion polls have had an interesting range of winners. Where Tahiry followed by Erica shined as best dressed, Raqi’s nails were flier than the rest. Meanwhile Yandy’s votes for best hair left her cast mates sifting through the proverbial dust. Whose shoes are going to reign supreme as the flyest in the land? Make your vote count and tune in tonight for Love and Hip Reunion Part II at 8PM ET/PT.

Which Love And Hip Hop Diva Rocked The Flyest Foot Wear?

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