Best Moments From Love and Hip Hop Reunion Part II

Two rappers with inflated egos on one show is bound to result in drama. But no one–not even those of us inches away from it all–could’ve predicted Consequence running up on Joe Budden at the Love and Hip Hop reunion.

Honestly the best (or worst) thing about the Joe vs. Consequence tussle was Tahiry’s quick right hook. Without flinching T hit Consequence and strutted off in her stilettos as if nothing had happened. That takes skill. On stage Rashidah Ali and Raqi almost came to blows after Raqi was told she was a disgrace to Islam. Erica got rowdy with Tiffany, Raqi and Consequence have a shouting match and Yandy gets emotional watching clips of her and Mendeecees. We’ve broken down the best moments of the night.

How did Tahiry get all that a–?

“Got it from my mama, but lounges, squats…”

Mendeecees put “hands and feet” on Yandy’s cousin over the fitness Instagram pictures he posted. Once Yandy saw the pictures she understood why Mendeecees had a problem with it.

“Once I saw the picture I was like ewwww. I get it.”

Leaked naked pictures are the new hit song. Joe and Rich had some explaining to do after naked photos showing their penises hit the ’net. Both men claim the top half of the photos is all them, but the bottom half (including their packages) were photoshopped. Erica weighed in with her own two cents and said without a doubt the leaked picture was Rich.

“That was me. It was just messed with,” said Joe.

“Upper torso was, yes. Below the waist, that wasn’t me,” said Rich.

For two people who knew they weren’t of the same religion when they got together, Jen and Consequence sure had a lot of problems revolving around raising their son Caiden as a Muslim. Jen’s still holding on to the idea that one day Cons will let Caiden get the best of both worlds.

“The difference is that Caiden is my son and I’m his father so in my religion you are what your father is.”

“Cons runs our home as a Muslim home,” Jen said.

Nothing regarding the race conversation between Jen and Raqi was solved. Jen feels that was an appropriate response since Raqi took a dig at her first, and Consequence thinks he’s justified in protecting his woman, even if it is from another woman. Instead of anyone saying, “I apologize if I offended anyone with my insensitive comeback,” there was a lot of screaming and beating around the bush.

“I never said I would get a job before anyone. I never said before. I would never say that.” – Jen

“No, you can’t ask me s—, Buckey.” – Raqi

“She right, I ain’t talking to the racoon.” – Cons

“This what I was gon’ say to you before you jumped bad, b*tch.” – Cons

“Don’t say you’re a Muslim. You’re a disgrace,” Rashidah chimes in.

Whatever Rashidah said to Raqi after calling her a disgrace to Islam set Raqi off. Raqi stood up to go after Rashidah, which wasn’t the best idea. Rashidah took off her shoes ready for a rumble. It was nearly impossible for security to hold her back.

“What you gon’ do, bitch?” Rashidah asks Raqi.

Consequence also ruffled a few feathers with his “light skin is the right skin” rhymes. He stood by the lyrics saying it’d make for good controversy. Kudos to Lore’l for standing for something and not doing the song.

“I have a lot of little girls that are fans of mine that are brown skin, light skin, whatever complexion. I don’t want them to ever feel like, ’Oh you’re light skin you’re the right skin, I’m brown skin I’m wrong.’ That’s just not how I’m brought up.”

Just the mere sight of Tiffany makes Erica foam at the mouth. Feelings of betrayal by both Rich and Tiffany put Erica on the defensive.

“I made her give me head that night I met her and I sent her back home in a dollar van.” – Erica

“Is that what I did? Or did I go back to Rich’s house & talk about how stretchy your p*ssy was?” – Tiffany

“When are we going to take responsibility for our own actions?” – Rich

“I LLC’d this girl…I verified her on Twitter.” – Rich

The ultimate gift from a man–verification on Twitter.

“Breathe in all the air you can breathe in right now ’cause it’s gonna be your last f—-g breath.” – Erica

Yandy’s high from Mendeecees’s fairytale proposal ended all too soon with an unexpected visit from the Feds.

“I had no idea, nobody dropped a hint, a clue.” – Yandy on proposal

“All you can do is get on your knees is pray and cry.” – Yandy

“I’m not even going to address that hypothetical because I believe in speaking all good things into existence. If I speak that it will become that.” – Yandy

After the backstage melee Consequence and Joe were unable to sit on stage together without security. And even though Tahiry caught Consequence in the face, he still has love for her.

“I do not tolerate disrespect on no level.” – Consequence

“If that same behavior continues, I will have to approach him in a different way.” – Joe

“Well, you know what, you got approached in a different way.” – Cons

“I took my opportunity.” – Cons

“Shout out to Tahiry ’cause she caught me with a nice one. I love you, baby.” – Cons

“Me and you can go in the bathroom.” – Joe

“In the bathroom?” – Mona Scott Young

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