From Glee to School Of Rock, Our 15 Favorite Fictional Showstopping Choirs and Bands

Everyone loves a good song, dance and show choir, and in the new VH1 show, Off Pitch, we get to follow the highs, lows and completely off key notes of the Grand River Singers. What makes GRS so gosh darn special is that they are a real life Glee-inspired show choir!  Glee might have inspired our recent love of show choirs, but film and television have been giving us amazing fictional choirs, bands and girl groups for ages.

Whether it’s Glee’s New Directions, the Barden Bellas from Pitch Perfect or Santa’s Helpers in Mean Girls, fictional choirs and bands have been stealing the show forever. Here are our 15 favorite fictional choirs, bands and girl groups!

[Photo Credit: Glee: Fox; Pitch Perfect: Universal Pictures; Mean Girls: Paramount]

1) Glee – New Directions

If there’s one fictional show choir to crush all others, it has to be Glee’s New Directions. The show’s pilot makes the group’s inevitable successes look impossible, until the misfits of New Directions unleash their version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.
2) Love Actually – Joanna & Sam & Company

Love Actually is arguably the greatest romantic comedy about Christmas of the 21st century and the film’s climax is an elementary school’s Christmas concert. Moviegoers were probably expecting “Amateur Hour UK”, but what they got was a totally  professional show–and classic rom com moment.

3) Pitch Perfect – The Barden Bellas

Pitch Perfect put a cappella on the map whenThe Barden Bellas led by Anna Kendrick presented a crazy all-vocal remix of “Price Tag/Don’t You (Forget About Me)/Give Me Everything/Just The Way You Are/Party in the U.S.A./Turn The Beat Around” that has been heard in slumber parties the world over this past year.

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