The Gossip Game Cast Put Each Other To The Hip Hop Media Test

What happens when competitive women who don’t get along super well quiz each other on people, places and things that are actively discussed in their industry? Watch Kim, Viv and K. Foxx from The Gossip Game dabble in a little “Word Play.”

So this is what went down. Our three Gossip Game stars were given a stack of cards with VH1 characters, hip hop publications, media personalities, and rappers on them and we tasked them with describing the words to an assigned partner. The entertaining part of “Word Play,” however, is not the building hostility between Viv and K. Foxx, but the manner in which the ladies wind-up articulating clues to one another (“snuffed Joe Budden“), and the incorrect guesses that slip out along the way. Don’t believe me, just watch!

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