Who Gave The Most Dramatic Performance In Episode 1 Of Off Pitch?

In the pilot for Off Pitch, we not only meet the Grand Rivers Singers, or “GRS,” but we meet them at an incredibly dramatic time, which is saying something since everything for GRS is DRAMA.It’s the end of the season and everyone is super tense because of auditions. Not only are the group’s coaches, Rob and Tim, auditioning possible new members, but every current member must give a good, if not great, audition to keep their spot in the team. On top of that, the current cast of GRS must rehearse and give their final performance of the season–and how they do on that stage will determine if they stay in GRS or not.

With tensions running so high, which member of GRS delivered the Most Dramatic Performance in Off Pitch’s debut episode?


Marcia had three amazing dramatic moments aside from holding her microphone in her audition “like an ice cream cone” and her boobs almost getting in the way of her vocal cords.

There was her fierce meltdown during dance rehearsals where she nobly argued that Tim and Rob shouldn’t be so rough on her inability to move her feet and arms at the same time.

Then, Marcia gave the most dramatic actual performance of the group when she messed up her Mary Poppins solo in the group’s final show. Not only did her voice sound sharp because of speaker malfunctions, but she flubbed a move during a choreographed dance routine and thereby threw her microphone into to the dirt in front of the stage.

Finally, when Marcia was one of the final girls not called to stage, she held her GRS castmate, Kayla, close and whispered, “Don’t cry for me if I don’t make it.” And then, Marcia wasn’t called and admitted in a private monologue to the camera, that it was “the loneliest feeling in the world” to stand alone on stage…left out of the group…left out in the cold…

But in a dramatic turn of events, Marcia was admitted back into the group despite her inability to dance or be Mary Poppins.


GRS’s token straight guy Josh first broke down when tensions were starting to rise in rehearsal and group wasn’t being “GRS”. Because GRS is Josh’s family and GRS is Josh’s life.

Then, Josh started sobbing uncontrollably when he counted how many new guys had been added to the group and he did some math and realized that GRS didn’t need anymore male singers. His face displayed the raw heartbreak of a father had just lost his only child in a storm. Except he’s not a father; he’s a singer. And the songs inside him still left to sing are his children.

But then, he got in and did a complete emotional 180 from abject despair to insufferable glee. That takes talent…and an overly emotional personality.


Greg had the greatest intro to his audition. I mean, from what we saw, his audition was mostly an intro to hype us up for his angelic voice.  Yeah, the track was a mess, but he really tried. And trying is dramatic and important. Not to mention, Tim and Rob single him out and suggest that he needs to lose weight, and that’s not right because the whole world calls him fat and he doesn’t need his friends calling him fat, too, okay? It’s not right.

Also, when Greg realized during their final song together before the new GRS line up was announced, he began to get verklempt realizing they might never sing together as a group again.

And the winner is…


Sure, she only broke down in tears once, but everything Marcia did in tonight’s premiere was oozing with dramatic tension or over-the-top comedic relief! Congrats, Marcia!

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