Off Pitch Premieres Tonight, And The World Can’t Stop Singing Its Praises

The time has come to rest your vocal cords and tease your hair to its highest of heights. Off Pitch premieres tonight at 10/9 C! We’ve been excited for weeks, arms tired from flashing too many jazz hands at coworkers down the hallway. But before settling in for the first episode, allow us to let the positive reviews from unbiased sources wash over us all.

According to The New York Times, Off Pitch is a reality show whose drama that is “hilariously high,” thanks to the talent of the group members:

The best moments of any given episode, though, are the reactions of the generally sparse crowds when the Grand River Singers start singing: a mix of bored and quizzical expressions. You may find yourself with a quizzical expression as well, not quite sure if Rob and Tim and their group of misfits are serious or putting you on.

Hint: They’re not…

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News admires the dedication of the Grand River Singers members and their ability to laugh at themselves while keeping the focus on the performance:

They know this isn’t Broadway, that sometimes someone will drop a microphone and the leg kicks won’t all be synched. That doesn’t mean they care any less about getting it right or having people enjoy a good song. Tim and Rob, the directors who are also life partners, flirt with stereotypes. Still, they seem to care more about the choir than their face time, and that reality keeps things lively out of the box.

Not bad–great, even–especially since these remarks are coming from the Big Apple. They say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere… or something. To find out what all the fuss is about, tune in to the series premiere of Off Pitch TONIGHT at 10/9 C!