Ms. Drama Weighs In On The Gossip Game’s Third Episode, “Steppin’ Out”

Each week that The Gossip Game airs, one of the show’s seven loquatious cast members will share their reactions to that Monday’s episode by writing a guest blog entry exclusively for VH1. Next in line for this week, Ms. Drama makes a few things clear about episode three.

If you’re not changing, you’re not growing… and in episode three it was all about the desire to GROW in my career.

But let’s be honest, growing has never been about being in your comfort zone, it’s more about stepping out on faith – and understanding that the best teacher will always be your experiences and not the self-righteous propaganda of others.

The photo shoot in essence was my first test. I knew that going into the shoot there would likely be more people interested in seeing me fail then succeed, but if you never show up to take the test – then how can you expect to pass it and move forward?

Throughout this episode my focus and energy is on my business, my career and enhancing my brand. Yet, sadly there seems to be a constant shift towards the negativity – whether it’s from the girls or even El Racheto, who apparently can only use her words (however limited they are) when I am not around.

Nevertheless, I manage to press on through my photo shoot and into my revealing party where I naively invite snakes into my private affair. They slither in the back of me making faces; they squirm in the corner cackling at their lewd and offensive jokes, all this while I must play hostess to my special invited guests.

Fortunately, I can read between the lines, and I offer a thorough READING to those at the event who manage to slither in: “I am a Queen and I Shall Be Respected”.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining to this night. A great conversation with Kay Foxx, my upcoming feature in Bleu Magazine, the new venture with, and a burgeoning friendship with radio host and personality, Steph Lova.

As for the other castmates… the insignificant shall remain nameless.

Many thanks to Drama for guest-starring on VH1 Blog this week! Check out her outfits from this week’s episode below, and stay tuned for next week’s cast contributor!

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