Why Angela Yee’s “Shady Giggle” Is Our New Obsession

If you listen to her on Power 105 or watch her on Monday nights on VH1, you know that Angela Yee has a propensity for making smart ass remarks. Cracking herself up in the process, the Gossip Game star has us hung up and what we’re affectionately calling her “shady giggle.”

On this week’s episode “Steppin’ Out,” Angela and Sharon attend Ms. Drama’s revealing party. Making nice with the guest of honor to her face, the ladies unleash a slew of shade when Drama’s outside of earshot and Angela’s signature laugh becomes audible.

When we sat down with the Power 105 host last week, we couldn’t help but notice the same one-two punch: she’d joke, and then she’d immediately snicker. In the clip above, Angela first goes in on K. Foxx, and then talks about her pal Viv, all while emplying the shady giggle throughout. Sorry, we’re not sorry!

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