Chrissy Teigen Puts The Beautiful Ones To Work On Model Employee

If you’re gearing up for the summer job hunt, or simply enjoy watching people get themselves into situations you’ve happily avoided, Model Employee is a must-see come May. It’s hosted by our dream BFF, Chrissy Teigen, it features eight professional pretty people, and it takes place in Las Vegas (again, a situation you’ve happily avoided). What more could you ask for?

To become the face of a major luxury brand, these competitors need to prove how hardworking they can truly be through a series of tasks they likely will never have to do again once the paychecks clear. From breaking nails on dinner trays to looking totally lost with a lemon zester, finally the concept of taking out expensive insurance policies on body parts makes sense. Check out a first look at the series, above.

Model Employee premieres on Wednesday, May 8 at 10:30ET/PT. Tune in!

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