JasFly & Ms. Drama Quiz Each Other On All Things Hip Hop

In last week’s episode of The Gossip Game, JasFly and Ms. Drama had a terse conversation that ended with Jas calling Drama an a**hole and Drama walking out, so naturally, we thought it’d be a good idea to put them in a room together to play a little word game. You know, to keep things light.

Tasked with describing a word to their opponent without actually saying it, Ms. Drama and Jas went as far as using sound effects to describe the artists, media outlets and journalists that appeared on the cards in front of them. Much like when K. Foxx, Kim Osorio, and Vivian played this game last week, the playfulness of “Word Play” saw looming tensions dissipate, even if for a few brief moment. Dr. Drew would be proud.

Watch the clip above and see how the ladies reacted to artist names like Nas and Rick Ross, as well as of-the-moment terminology like “Turn Up,” and VH1 stars like Stevie J.