Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie J Knows Why Mimi Gets So Emotional

All is not well in JoselineMimiStevie J world, as we saw on last night’s Season Two premiere of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Mimi’s kinda-sorta living at Stevie’s place, the house where Joseline used to be doing the same thing. Add a daughter and the word “maid” to the mix, and this whole triangle just got a lot messier.

While Stevie and Mimi are not together right now, they will always be connected through Eva, their three-year-old daughter. When VH1 caught up with Stevie J at the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta premiere party last week, we asked him to reflect on Mimi’s emotional outburst in episode one. Translation: Why did she throw a drink over your head and bite your cheek? What did you you do that we DIDN’T SEE, Stevie J? “Mimi’s upset because we have history, we have our 15 years, and then we have a three-year-old,” he explains, staying away from the drama (for now). “My thing is just to make sure she stays calm when she gets emotional because I have to make sure she’s good for my daughter and she’s good for herself as well.” Check out more of his thoughts on this explosive relationship in the video above.

Stevie does point out, however, that there are things you don’t do in front of your children, or anyone else’s. So should he have checked Joseline when she strutted inside the house–lingerie and all–to call the mother of his child a “maid”? We all know the outcome by now, but delicious water would not go to waste if he had only spoken up a little sooner.


Was Stevie J Wrong Not To Defend Mimi?Get ready for what’s sure to be a lot more drama involving these three (not you, Eva).

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