Check Yourself: Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Cast React To Episode 1

“I mean ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of bread. Everybody need some bread.” Mimi may have told Stevie J the money doesn’t fix everything, but in Stevie’s world it’s C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me).

Just watching the episode irks Mimi’s nerves. “You might be able to buy Joseline because she’s a prostitute and whore. You can buy that bitch all day long,” Mimi said. “You can’t buy me.” Ok. Mimi broke it down so it’d forever be broken down. She owns a cleaning business and makes her own bread. And also let the record show, in Mimi’s eyes, “Bitch you got put out the house. Ok!” Stevie’s laughing his butt off watching Mimi go off on him in the bathroom. “I could’ve went and got me some [water]. You know we got filter system in the crib,” says Stevie.

On the other side of ATL is Momma Dee and Scrappy. Scrappy’s in awe that he’s even watching the episode in real time. “Oh wow. They finna let me watch it for real,” he says perhaps forgetting he’s on camera. To hear his mom say he’s making the biggest mistake of his life he responds, “That’s bulls—.” Momma Dee feels her meeting with Scrappy went well. “I had him going. I had to use some of my womanly wit. Ya feel me?” See what else Momma Dee had to say about her soon to be daughter in law in the Check Yourself video.

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