POLL: Did Maino Lie About Who He Smashed On The Gossip Game?

After watching tonight’s aptly titled “Who’s Smashing Who” episode of The Gossip Game, it’s clear there is too much to discuss in one sitting, so let’s discuss to the most scandalous topics first, shall we? What really happened between Maino and K. Foxx?

When Viv sat down with the Mafia-repping rapper, she went through a laundry list of women who Maino has allegedly taken down: Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams, Mob Wives’ Ramona Rizzo, and The Gossip Game’s K. Foxx, among others. While Maino denied bedding each woman whose names were mentioned, we couldn’t help but notice the stance he took on kissing-and-telling within the same breath. “If I run around admitting to the hit, then how am I goin’ hit anymore? That’s tacky business!” Apparently invoking the G Code is like taking the fifth amendment under oath these days, huh?

What, exactly, are you trying to tell us, Mr. Hustle Hard? Take the poll below and let us know what’s really good with our Hot 97 star and the scar-faced rapper from Brooklyn.

Did Maino Fib About Smashing K. Foxx?