The Gossip Game: The Curious Case Of The “Come Up Ho”

Last week on The Gossip Game, we started to empathize with Ms. Drama a bit when Sharon and Angela were sharing snide remarks about her at her revealing party. But after last night’s episode hit air, it’s now hard to definitively pinpoint who’s bullying who.

The truth is, Ms. Drama initially assumed Angela and Sharon were her friends, but once she heard they were smiling in her face and talking trash behind her back, she smartened up and decided to take a stand. While we certainly salute Drama for being direct in nipping the issue in the bud, her approach of inviting the girls to discuss the catty incident (in the clip above) seems a bit hypocritical in hindsight, and here’s why: As she’s telling Sharon that she has a lot of respect for her and asks both ladies to be honest with her about the revealing party photos, Drama’s direct-to-camera interview is anything but respectful.

“Poor, poor Sharon Carpenter. She doesn’t have anything really going on in her career. She got to her place by being – let’s be real – a come up ho.”

Timeout. Where did that come from?! Does Drama respect Sharon in real life and just have hurt feelings after the photo-slander incident? Or was she harboring these theories quietly and just waiting to drop confessional bombs, a la The Real World? Either way, it didn’t go well with Drama’s cast members over Twitter last night, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as this doozie develops.