Joseline Says They’re ALL Her “B*tches”: Best Tweets From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

“Hey maid” was the highlight of the night. Sorry Mimi. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta returned, disappointing absolutely no one. On social media the cast was making their own trends with their added commentary and quotes from the night.

  • erica-1

  • j1

  • j2

  • k1

  • k2

  • k3

  • scrappy1

  • scrappy2

  • traci1

  • traci2

As usual, Joseline was a star on Twitter. She had some choice words about Mimi and Stevie J being her “bitches.” Other than Joseline being Joseline the cast was pretty tight lipped letting their fans speak for them through RTs. Here’s our roundup of the night’s best tweets.

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