Allegations Of Threesomes & Elitism: The Gossip Game Tweef Continues

Ring the alarm! We just got word that Ms. Drama wasn’t too pleased to read the Gossip Game post from earlier this morning about her calling Sharon Carpenter a “come up ho.” You’d think it would be the other way around, but after seeing the reactionary tweets from her co-stars, Drama took to Twitter just now to address both Sharon and JasFly directly (but without @ing them?).

But before we get into Drama’s drama, it looks as though Viv had some words for K. Foxx last night as well. After sparring on their Get In The Myx post show debate, Viv felt it necessary to send the following tweet:

It’s never cool to see women throw one another under the bus for their sex lives, so between this tweet and Drama’s “come up ho” comment last night, we’d be lying to say we weren’t disappointed in all this misdirected hostility. I thought we were here for the work, ladies! These K. Foxx allegations are clearly difficult to navigate and/or prove, and after the Maino incident, adding fuel to this fire isn’t on our agenda. That said, let’s move on to Drama’s Twitter rant addressing issues with Sharon and Jas. Not that this tweef is any better, but some might argue that she has some points sprinkled into the tirade.

First, Drama set her scope on Sharon’s forehead:

Keep reading to see what Drama had to say about JasFly.

After defending her shots at Sharon, Drama shifted gears and went at JasFly:

Can’t we all just get along?! We’ll keep an eye on this one, too, y’all.