Joseline And Stevie J Talk Very, Very Freaky On The Breakfast Club

Joseline and Stevie J use sex toys and have threesomes. Word on the street is that back in the day Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J used to have threesomes together, and neither Joseline or Stevie J denied it.

Forget about keeping your sex life private between you and your significant other. When you’re the stars of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta keeping some details of your life private is unheard of. Joseline was harassed about her femininity by co-host Charlamagne when she and her partner in crime stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. “I joke around with you a lot, Charla-Ugly,” Joseline snapped back. “But I’m very serious about my music.” The conversation was dominated by all sex everything. “I like it in my butt,” Joseline said. Jesus hold us near the cross! Stevie admitted Mimi will always be around and wouldn’t deny that he’ll always have sex with Mimi. “We all will have fun together,” Stevie J answered. But Joseline is not with the cheating life. Hey, threesomes are cool, but if he dips on the side she’s out.

In non-sex Stevie J and Joseline news, Joseline’s works hard on her music, says she actually respects Mimi and it looks like Joseline has on an engagement ring (they would neither confirm or deny engagement). Everything else is all about “getting really freaky.” And looks like Stevie’s trying to recruit Angela Yee to his bus. Check out their NSFW interview.

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[Photo: Getty Images]