Stevie J Has A Remedy For Joseline And Mimi’s Bickering

Mimi and Joseline have some serious baby mama/main chick/sidechick battles. Who has what title other than Mimi obviously being the baby mama–we can’t ever tell. But Stevie J claims he has the remedy to keep the peace.

The driver of the bus said he had a remedy, but wouldn’t divulge what that it is. “I do believe I have a remedy to keep them calm, cool and working together.” Something tells us it has to do with a threesome, just making an intelligent conclusion based on his Breakfast Club interview. “They both argue back and forth,” Stevie told us at the NYC premiere party. “You maid, you prostitute. I’m not gon’ get in the middle of that.” Wait for it…the mention of getting bread. “Now if they talking about getting some money then I’m gon’ get in the middle of that.” Always about the dough.

Before we let Stevie enjoy his night we had to know if he considered Joseline ratchet since it’s the new “it” word of slang. “Joseline was ratchet,” he said. “You know she’s becoming a smooth lady right now with my help.” Stevie’s fronting like he doesn’t live for the ratchet. Don’t be ashamed Steebie. Own it!

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