Sharon Carpenter Hits Power 105 To Talk Gossip Game Drama

A lot of dirt has been thrown Sharon’s way after the last few episode’s of The Gossip Game. Whether you fancy her or think she’s an arrogant elitist, the Global Grind anchor hit Power 105 this morning to speak her piece on everything from bumping heads with JasFly to being called a “come up ho.”

Sharing some breaking news during her interview with co-star Angela Yee, the UK journalist revealed that JasFly recently applied for a job at Global Grind and didn’t get it, insinuating that there’s an origin for the freelance writer’s “insecurities” displayed on the show. Speculation, yes… but you never know! Going in a more personal direction, Sharon answered Charlamagne’s question about the “come up ho” comment that Ms. Drama made by admitting that she had a relationship with someone at BET after she worked there. But is that all to the Gossip Game’s co-creator? Watch the clip and see for yourself before taking the poll below.

Is Sharon Carpenter An Elitist Or Just Misunderstood?

[Photo: Instagram]