JasFly Recaps The Gossip Game’s Fourth Episode

Each week that The Gossip Game airs, one of the show’s seven loquatious cast members will share their reactions to that Monday’s episode by writing a guest blog entry exclusively for VH1. Up at the mic this weekis JasFly as she weighs in on the season’s fourth episode.

Assumptions can be damaging.

Take for instance the rumor Viv learned in last nights episode. Word on certain streets is that K. Foxx once got busy with BK rapper Maino. Which, if it were true, would be a juicy exclusive for Viv’s growing gossip site. Only problem is Maino denied it during their sit down.

Angela Yee took an interesting position, admitting while she wouldn’t report on the story directly she would post it as a blind item and direct her listeners back to Viv’s site for the tea…but true or not, both women agreed it would be an embarrassing (and possibly humbling moment for K. Foxx).

K. Foxx gets wind of the sh*t storm coming and confronts Viv, only that doesn’t do a thing to change Viv’s mind. The compromise she does offer Foxx is agreeing to include that both Foxx and Maino deny bumping uglies, thus pronouncing the rumor cleared up. K. Foxx wants no parts and leaves.

Meanwhile Ms. Drama is riding high from the release of her new Bleu Magazine editorial when she learns that Angela and Sharon weren’t the best of guests at her release party. The women were seen laughing at the photos while Drama was busy playing host.

Upset, Drama took her concern directly to Angela and Sharon who weren’t remorseful, instead advising Drama to learn to take the criticism. This is still Hip Hop and a thick skin is a must. But that conversation goes left when Drama disagrees and a back and forth over respect, image and ego results in Sharon leaving and Drama referring to her has a ’Come-up H**’.

Speaking of Sharon, she and I butted heads this episode during a round of drinks with Kim Osorio. After explaining her hesitation of working at AllHipHop.com while Drama is also working there, Sharon made an assumption that she and I have two very different approaches to stories.
After asking for clarification, Sharon surmised that because I’ve written extensively for NecoleBitchie.com, that I am not a journalist…and of course Sharon has worked for CNN, BET, BBC etc…I mean, she covered The death of Michael Jackson for Christ’s sake!

Things end tensely when I advise her that real journalists check their facts, suggesting she do her homework.

Of course that doesn’t happen. Instead Sharon comes to ooVoo – where I am the Ambassador to Pop & Urban Culture – to continue the conversation. She believes that she is further along than I and I should just admit it. I think she’s being elitist and am turned off to this entire conversation.

I’d already expressed my distaste for elitism during the world’s tightest car ride with Kim earlier. Exaggerated arrogance is an absolute pet peeve. Switching gears, I do begin to pitch a story to Kim that would be good for me. She’s intrigued and wants to hear more once I lock it down.

So, yeah…sh*t is getting interesting.

Many thanks to Jas for guest-starring on VH1 Blog this week! Check out her outfits from this week’s episode below, and stay tuned for next week’s cast contributor!

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