“It’s A Sing Off”: Who Sang The Best Solo In Episode 2 of Off Pitch?

In tonight’s episode of Off Pitch, the Grand Rivers Singers faces huge transitions and massive cow chips. Six new people joined the cast which meant that GRS’s divas, Greg and Marcia, had to battle it out for the team’s solos against newbies Justin and Vanessa in a sing off!

Now that the dust has settled (and the cow chips are back on the ground where they belong), who do you think sang the best solo?

1) Greg

Greg, who we learned tonight works in an inn with three other GRS members Lorelei Gilmore-style, worked really, really hard on his solo. He worked so hard that he wouldn’t stop singing for people even if they weren’t intending to be his audience. “I don’t care where I am in this hotel. I don’t care who’s next to me, but I will be singing.” Greg sang to people swimming in the pool. Greg sang to his co-workers doing laundry. Most of all, Greg sang to himself in the mirror.

2) Justin

Greg might have worked his vocal chords raw by the inn’s indoor swimming pool, but when it came to the actual sing off, new GRS member, Justin, overcame him and wound up triumphant. Before his audition, the adorable tall chipmunk of a grown man said that “being a performer…you always want that solo.” And he got it, guys. He got it. He got that solo.

3) Marcia

Marcia, who won our “Best Dramatic Performance” honor last week, imbued Katy Perry’s “Firework” with heart and soul. As Rob says, she “acted the poop out of the song”. And indeed, when she sang the part in the bridge about the “Fourth of July” her eyes were filled the same haunted desperation that consumes Anne Hathaway’s Fantine in the entirety of Les Miserables.

4) Vanessa

Since Marcia would be missing their performance at the Cow Chip Festival, Vanessa had to sub-in for her solo on  “Firework”. While in rehearsal, Marcia got nervous when she heard Vanessa’s rendition. To be exact, Marcia said, “I was just peeing my pants because it was so pretty and so good.” And we peed our pants, too. So pretty. So good.

5) Josh

Okay, so Josh never officially sang a solo in this episode, but he did a type of impressive solo work when he peed into a water bottle in a moving vehicle without spilling a drop. Oh, and the bottle was almost entirely full when he is done. Can he get a standing ovation?

And the winner is….


Maybe Justin is the one rocked the sequin blazer on the solo for “Color My World” in GRS’s shows, but Greg turned the whites of his inn’s laundry room’s linens into technicolor. Did we mention he also sang in the pool? And to himself in the mirror? Oh, and he made his female teammates legitimately squeal in ecstasy when he performed for them in tonight’s episode.

Of course, you don’t have to agree with us. Maybe like Rob and Tim, you think Justin did out-sing Greg. Maybe you were a bigger fan of Marcia or Vanessa. Or maybe you think Josh deserves the accolade for peeing in a bottle.

Vote and let us know who YOU think gave the episode’s best solo:

Who Sang The Best Solo On This Week’s Off Pitch?

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