Sneak Peak: Singers Must Battle It Out For Solos On Tonight’s Off Pitch

On last week’s premiere episode of Off Pitch, Rob and Tim held grueling auditions for the Grand River Singers, but the try outs aren’t over yet. On tonight’s episode, GRS’s resident divas, Greg and Marcia, are forced to battle it out with new members, Justin and Vanessa, in a sing off to see who gets to perform the group’s solos.

Unlike some famous fictional musical show choirs, GRS is not a high school group. There are no morals about fairness or equality to be taught here. For Rob, it’s all about who can perform the song the best, so if a new cast member is better than an original soloist, that older cast member will be kicked to the curb. (Well, not literally kicked to the curb. GRS is a family.) (And not completely figuratively, either. Whoever loses the sing off will still be in GRS. They just won’t have solos.)

Find out who wins the battle on tonight’s Off Pitch airing at 10/9 C!

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