Get The Look: The Teknique Agency Shares Tips On Achieving Love And Hip Hop 3 Reunion Looks

Hours on top of hours are put into making the women of Love and Hip Hop glamorous for the reunion show cameras. Any celebrity will tell you they bow down to their makeup artists, stylists and hair stylists who make magic. Daily. The Teknique Agency who is responsible for all of the fabulous looks you saw during the Love and Hip Hop reunion has shared their tips on how they achieved all of the fabulous styles you saw at the reunion. Get in to this glamour, honey!

“My go-to hairspray for Yandy’s cascading curls is Sebastian Shaper hairspray. It holds the style in place without feeling weighed down or crunchy.” -celebrity hairstylist Gabrielle Corney (photo credit: Gabrielle Corney’s Instagram)

“I was inspired by the color of Yandy’s jacket for her makeup look. The lip gloss I used is “Hello” by Armour Beauty.” -celebrity makeup artist Nani Hernandez (photo credit: Nani Hernandez’s Instagram)

“Since Tahiry’s dress was very simple and elegant, I decided to give her dramatic eyes with a defined cut crease, and used Wet n’ Wild lipstick in “Dollhouse Pink” to add some pop.” -professional makeup artist Whitney Coss ( photo credit: Whitney Coss’ Instagram)

“Tahriy wanted drama, so she rocked 30 inches of hair! She is wearing 16 ounces of hair for fullness and [there is] tons of movement.” -professional hair stylist Shakira Smith (photo credit: Whitney Coss)

“Lilac lips is the perfect partner to Olivia’s new ’do! I used Armour Beauty’s Candy.” -celebrity makeup artist Tekoa Hash (photo credit:Olivia’s Instagram)

“Olivia’s super sleek look was created with t3 blow dryer and flat iron, using small sections to get the hair ultra straight. After styling I used Tigi Bed Head After Party to tame flyaways.” -celebrity hair stylist Tymothe Wallace (photo credit: Tymothe Wallace’s Instagram)

Rah’s look was “inspired” by Old Hollywood glam, but she isn’t old and we aren’t in Hollywood, so this is the Concrete Jungle Remix. Go hard or go home!” -celebrity hairstylist Shelli Mosley (photo credit: Shelli Mosley’s Instagram)

“Rashidah is such a Boss! Her look was all about flawless skin, smoky eyes and nude lips. I used my fave MAC products: Matchmaster foundation and Chroma Camel lip glass.”-celebrity makeup artist Nani Hernandez

“For Erica’s look, I focused on luminous skin and dramatic eyes with a pair of “Oh, My!” lashes by Katy Perry. The burnt orange lipstick created contrast against this beautiful yellow dress.” -celebrity makeup artist Jay Suarez (photo credit: Jay Suarez’s Instagram)

“Erica’s look was inspired by the perfectly polished style of the 1940s. I curled her hair with a 1inch barrel curling iron, pin curled, then combed and teased hair into place.” – professional hairstylist Dee Desalu (photo credit: Dee Desalu’s Instagram)