The Gossip Game Personal Files: Why Doesn’t Angela Yee Trust Men?

The ladies of The Gossip Game never fail to fill our Monday nights with some of the most delightful shade, but every so often, one of the seven cast members opens up and reveals a more personal side of their in-the-spotlight existence.

From Viv’s rumor on K. Foxx and Maino’s “relations”, Sharon’s attempt to “Ms. Drama” JasFly, and Ms. Drama diminishing all of Sharon’s successes to being a “come up ho,” this past Monday’s episode gave viewers a splash of everyone’s tea. Angela Yee, however, remained pretty beef-free (besides sitting through a sermon from Ms. Drama, of course). But what viewers didn’t get to see was how Angela’s success in the entertainment industry has her moving on up like the Jefferson’s. Check out the bonus clip above and watch the Power 105 personality go apartment hunting with Sharon before the ladies delve a bit deeper to discuss Ang’s past heartbreaks and plans for motherhood, with or without a man.

Cue the Drake, y’all! The Gossip Game airs Mondays at 11pm ET/PT.

-Written by VH1 Blog contributor, Jennifer Haastrup