Sneak Peak: Can GRS Work Together As A Team On This Week’s Off Pitch?

Last week’s episode of Off Pitch was all about flying solo and singing solos, but this week’s installment shows the Grand River Singers struggling to come together as a team–and struggling to avoid poop in the river.

Since rehearsals have been insane, Rob and Tim decide to have a fun day where the team gets together to frolic on the beach and swim in the river. The only catch? The river’s full of fecal matter (aka POOP) and unsafe to swim in. However, GRS isn’t going to let a little poop in the river stand in their way of being amazing. As it turns out, Rob and Tim have also enlisted the help of their friend, Pam Mumm, to get the group involved in some team building exercises.

Will it work? Will GRS bond as a team? Will they fall apart? Will everyone stay out of the poop-filled river?

Find out what happens by tuning into Off Pitch this Wednesday at 10/9 C!

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