The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Off Pitch Star Tim

As seen on Off Pitch, artistic directors Tim Rortvedt and Rob Jones work hard to create a comfortable and  familial atmosphere within Grand River Singers. It could be based on their love of performing and compassion for others, or their obsession with Pippin and REO Speedwagon. Just like Rob offered up his deepest and darkest personal nuggets via The Scoop, the time has come to put Tim through the rigorous (but fun!) treatment.

To learn more about the Lady Gaga-loving, tech savvy GRS co-founder, check out Tim’s full responses, below.

But there’s more! Interested in thoughts on hidden porn stashes and unmentionable bald spots?

Rob and Tim had the honor of being Love & Hip Hop star Jen The Pen’s first guests on our rebooted version of Very VH1. Rob might be the loud one of the bunch, but you best believe Jen did some digging to find out what Tim is really all about. Watch their conversation and impromptu sing-along, below.

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