Joseline, Stevie J, Momma Dee And Scrappy React To Tonight’s Episode

Joseline, Stevie J, Scrappy and Momma Dee have some things to get off their chest once they watch the episode. Insert tonight’s “Check Yourself,” pure unadulterated comedy.

“Look at him. Fake a– pimp,” Joseline comments while watching the contract scene. “I hate Stevie. I hate Stevie. I can’t take him. It’s too much.” In this case we know her hate really means love.  Does Stevie own her? Joseline yells, “No!” Meanwhile Stevie J gives a calm, “Yeah” as if this is an obvious answer. What does Miss Hernandez have to say about that 30 percent? “You having sex with me so that’s your 30 percent.” Having sex as payment may not hold up in the court of law, though.  Stevie J’s retort,”In life we got to grow up. Where ya contract mami, mamacita?”

It’s tough for Scrappy to watch the studio scene with Shay crying and carrying on. “I don’t know how she found me, like a bloodhound once again,” he says of his mom. “I’m not going off a cliff with that boy,” Momma Dee said. “I’ll go down der, climb down der with a stretcher, and take him to the ’mergency room, but I’m not finna fall off that cliff.” It’s hard to breathe after that one. Watch the rest of the video to hear what Scrappy and Momma Dee had to say about Scrappy’s orchestrated encounter with Shay.

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