Are You Team Mimi Or Team Joseline? [POLL]

“Why is Mimi still operating under the unfortunate impression that the audience is on her side and not Joseline’s?” @youngsinick  tweeted the night of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiere. Fair question, but do you agree?

Stevie J is going to have his way with both the baby mama and his main chick (and any other women willing to get on his bus) as long as they allow it. We know this. Joseline knows this. And Mimi knows this. Yet one episode in to season two and Mimi has moved back in with Stevie J under the guise of keeping Joseline away from her daughter Eva. Although Mimi can’t completely cut Stevie off since they have to co-parent, she’d probably be down to get back on the bus if he promised she’d be the only passenger. At the NYC premiere party she revealed “To this day it hurts me every single time I see them together.” Fifteen years and counting Mimi’s still riding with Stevie.

Another thing you have to wonder after watching is, why is Mimi so mad at Joseline? The blame belongs to Stevie J who has played both of them. Whereas Joseline seems perfectly content knowing Stevie J will stick his beefcake in anything with a vagina, Mimi acts surprised and disgusted that Joseline’s still in the picture. In all fairness to Mimi, both women get mad and hurt over his actions because Joseline certainly has her wildin’ out moments too.

Mimi has received a lot of criticism for staying with a man that disrespects and cheats on her. She’s been called everything but a child of God–the most popular names being “weak” or “stupid.” Hey, there’s no judgment here. Most people can relate to being temporarily blinded by love. The thing is: it’s as if she wants the viewers to hate Joseline for being a homewrecker who stole her man. Judging by the  comments via blogs and social media, a lot of people don’t quite see it Mimi’s way.

Joseline also goes back and forth with her relationship with Stevie. The difference is Joseline’s going to get  her fame and career in the process because she’s accepted who he is. Joseline doesn’t seem as bothered by Mimi as long as she’s getting that bread. Anyone reasonable can understand why Mimi wanted to work it out with the father of her kid. What people can’t grasp their heads around is why Mimi’s still holding on.

You’ve heard both Mimi and Joseline’s sides. Are you #teamJoseline or #teamMimi? Based on everything you know are you riding with “Molly the Maid” or the “Puerto Rican Princess?” Take the poll and check back for the results.

Are You Team Joseline Or Team Mimi?

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