Vivian Billings Has No Regrets About The Steph Lova Incident, Would Spit On Her Again

Monday night’s episode of The Gossip Game featured the Loogie Heard ’Round The World, following Vivian and radio personality Steph Lova’s very public disagreement. It’s universally accepted that spitting on someone is one of the most degrading acts, so in retrospect, was Steph a deserving target for Viv? Would she do it again?

“Sure, I would have spit at her and then swung,” Viv told Jen The Pen on today’s episode of Very VH1, leading Jen to experience some very nervous laughter. “I don’t like her.” Just so everyone’s clear, she is not fond of this woman. While the end of the episode was marked by Steph and Viv’s wet confrontation, there was also a sweet moment with her son, Kayden, and an honest conversation about the struggle for acceptance, both within the family and the outside world. When the dust settles, does having a strong and positive relationship with your child diminish the need to address those who are talking smack? “I don’t walk around spitting on people,” Vivian clarified. “So if I had the chance to do it again I would do it, except this time I would probably sniff back some mucus or something to make sure it landed in her mouth. That’s how bad I want to do that again.” Not always. Watch Vivian explain herself, below.

Did Steph Lova cross the line by bringing up Viv’s son? Should Viv think twice before spitting at someone? Let us know.

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