“Go Team Go”: Who Had The Most Team Spirit In Episode 3 Of Off Pitch?

In the latest episode of Off Pitch, Rob and Tim decide that the Grand River Singers are in need of a little bit of team building. So the group visits a local beach where they discover a river full of poop and a woman named Pam Mumm who attempts to teach them the value of listening. Of course, in a group full of “stars” and “divas,” it didn’t take long until feelings were hurt and tempers flared like fireworks. That all said, who actually showed the most team spirit in tonight’s episode?


Sure, he usually seems like a diva, and he gleefully trounced his competition in the fight to sing the National Anthem at the monster truck show, but in the cold open of tonight’s show, Greg displayed amazing team work. During a performance, Greg found himself trapped in a flag backstage, but he still managed to get out and back on stage in time for his cue. That’s professionalism and that’s being a team player. He didn’t let his team down no matter how much that flag wanted to hug him to death.


When Josh is told that he needs to get a job (and move out of Rob and Tim’s house), he not only follows everyone’s advice and applies at the local food joint, but when the manager of said food joint asks him to sing, he obliges! Josh is also really happy about the monster truck rally and really happy that he’s a human being and not an ant, and a ray of positivity throughout the episode (except when he cries about being homeless) (and except when he calls Jon and Greg a name that had to bleeped out).


Eric is very happy about the team’s nice day at the beach and then very sad about the shouting that follows thereafter. Eric is also distraught because everyone in GRS is constantly auditioning against one another. Eric doesn’t want to have to compete against his love, Justin, again and again. When Steven gets in trouble for forgetting his jacket, Eric immediately tries to comfort him by giving him a hug. Eric just wants to love and be loved. If all you need is love, then all you need is Eric.


You could argue that it’s obviously Aubrey who causes all the discord on the beach during “team bonding day”, when she throws a hissy fit after being forced to audition for a solo when all she wants to do is dance. However, Aubrey’s seemingly selfish rant about wanting all the bad dancers to dance alone in front of each other to feel “like shit” has its roots in team spirit. See, the way GRS is set up now, only the bad singers get called out to feel “like shit”. Aubrey, being an egalitarian, wants everyone to feel “like shit”.

That’s team spirited. It’s also mean spirited, but still…

And the winner is…


Of course it’s Eric! As we’ve repeatedly established, GRS is all about family and all about love, and right now, Eric seems to be the only one showing that heart and soul to full effect.

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Who Had The Most Team Spirit?

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