VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Five Must-See Moments

Each week VH1’s prime-time lineup is filled with drama, romance, competition, and everything in between. With Shay meeting Scrappy face to face on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Aubrey breaking down in the middle of a solo audition on Off Pitch, this week was filled with surprises. But which one had you buzzing the most?

Whether it’s Vivian spitting across the room at Steph Lova or T.I. giving his sons (mainly King) some well-needed love advice, we’re here to break down the standout clips from the past seven days. Check out our top picks below, and let us know your favorite must-see moments from the week.

I’m Married To A…: Michael and Dana Celebrate

This episode of I’m Married To A… really tugged at our heartstrings, as Dana and her husband, Michael, a quadriplegic, wants nothing more than to be parents. After going to the doctor and having multiple tests runs, Michael learns that his body will successfully allow him to have children. A heartwarming moment caught on camera, he and Dana celebrate the good news.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Can Shay Get Closure From Scrappy?

Ever since Scrappy proposed to Erica on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season One reunion, everyone (us included!) has been dying to see the first interaction between Scrappy and his ex-girlfriend, Shay. What will she say? Will she slap him in the face? Throw a bottle over his head? To our surprise, Shay kept her cool and the results were much less dramatic.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: The Harris Men Get Love Advice Straight From A Pro

When King comes home from school with a love letter, T.I. decides that it’s time to have a talk with all of the young Harris men. The father of six talks to his sons about what we’ve dubbed the “Curse of the Harris Men,” encouraging King, Messiah, Domani, and even little Major to keep their options open and focus on more important things such as school, family, and hustling. T.I.’s overall lesson is simple: you can’t fall in love with everything you see.

The Gossip Game: Vivian Spits At Steph Lova

After Viv learns that radio personality Steph Lova made a negative remark about her child while live on the air, she decides to fight back with her saliva. When Viv and Steph meet to discuss what went down, the conversation doesn’t go very far due to Vivian spitting on her acquaintance. In case you need clarification, Viv considers this to be the ULTIMATE disrespect.

Off Pitch: Aubrey Breaks Down

After some fun in the sun and team building exercises on the beach, Tim and Rob decide to hold auditions for “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Each group member is asked to sing a line from the song to determine who should get the solo. When it comes time for Aubrey, the Dance Captain, to open up, she’s not comfortable singing by herself for all to hear. Because Aubrey is a better dancer than she is a singer, she’s plagued by self-doubt, resulting in an exceptional ugly cry.

Were you blown away by Viv’s move? Did you tear up at T.I.’s father-son chat or Dana and Michael’s happy news? Let us know which moment was your favorite from the week, below.


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