For Better Or For Worse, Off Pitch Josh Can’t Stop Crying

Uh-oh, Off Pitch Josh is crying again. Do Rob and Tim have anything to do with this? Maybe!

On last night’s episode, Josh was at a crossroads. With no job and no place of his own, he’s been forced to stay with his Grand River Singers directors in their (comfy and well-decorated) home. Despite there being white chocolate cream cheese and a delightful outdoor breakfast nook at his disposal, Josh still feels inadequate. We understand completely; quarter-life crises are real. But sometimes, making a to-do list is the easiest way to pull one out of career-in-flux-inspired depression. Here’s Josh’s:

1. Find a job.
2. Get a house (he’ll settle for an apartment).
3. If he gets an apartment first, he’ll then get a house.
4. Build a white fence around said house.
5. Have a dog, kids, and a white little swing swinging back and forth on his lawn. (Wife included.)

Easier said then done, am I right?

To be fair, Josh had just woken up, and probably needed some caffeine in his system before he could sensibly talk about The Future. But how do you explain all the other times moisture has fallen from his eyes (on cam-e-ra)?

Cheer up, Joshie Poo. You’ve got a mean version of the National Anthem to your name and are already the lead candidate for Rob’s yet to open male escort service!

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