If DJ Traci Was DJing She’d Pick Biggie Over Pac And Lil’ Kim Over Nicki

Who is DJ Traci Steele? Aside from being the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta addition, a DJ, mother and the ex of DJ Babey Drew we were curious to learn more about the woman who termed “microwavable b*tches.”

Traci was in a bubbly mood during our 30 minute conversation. But before we reveal the tea she spilled during our chat (check back later for the full interview) let’s take a look at her DJing style. Which artist would she chose if she was DJing a party and had to play an entire set of either Biggie or Tupac, or Lil’ Kim or Nicki?

VH1: Let’s do something fun. If you were DJing and had to do a whole set with only this artist’s music, who would you choose between the two. Biggie or Pac?

Traci: Biggie

VH1: Jay-Z or Kanye?

Traci: Jay-Z

VH1: Mary J or Keyshia Cole?

Traci: [laughs] Did you just say that out loud? Did you just put them in the same f—- category? [Laughs wildly]. Oooh Mary.

VH1: Nas or Common?

Traci: Common

VH1: Outkast or Goddie Mob?

Traci: Outkast

Vh1: Lil Kim or Nicki?

Traci: Lil Kim

VH1: Wayne or Drake

Traci: Drake

VH1: Hot Boys or No Limit?

Traci: No Limit

VH1: Really?

Traci: Yes. C’mon. “No limit soldiers, I thought I told ya.” You can play that to this day and people are going crazy. You can start a fight.

VH1: But the Hot Boys had a lot of hits. They had a run. “Meet me in the casino, way in the back.”

Traci: Ooooh stop it. Don’t get me started! There’s something about No Limit that makes me like, ‘Say something. I’ll slap you.’ You not even violent but you’ll slap somebody if that comes on.