The Gossip Game: Watch JasFly’s Extended Interview With Kia Jeffries

On last week’s episode of The Gossip Game, Sharon and JasFly went head-to-head on who was the better journalist. We’ve watched Sharon repeatedly remind her cast members that she’s been a reporter for big names such as BET, BBC, and CBS, but just because Jas is newer to the game doesn’t mean she’s lacking in skill, right?

With Sharon covering stories like the presidential inauguration and the death of Michael Jackson, she’s clearly seasoned in the game. The argument can be made, however, that Jas isn’t too far behind; noted for doing interviews for blogger Necole Bitchie, the freelance journalist is collecting bylines and has plenty of interviews under her belt.

This week we watched Jas delve a little more into her work ethic as she pitches her exclusive on ’90s singer Kia Jeffries to The Source EIC Kim Osorio. In a twist of things (and reality for many freelancers) Kim lets Jas know that she’d push the piece but didn’t have the money to pay her for the interview. In the extended clip above, we get the full story on Kia Jeffries and see whether or not Jas has what it takes to be leveled with Sharon.

In the words of JasFly, “It’s not about what you did, it’s about what you doing.” Sharon boo, where you at?

-Written by VH1 Blog contributor, Jennifer Haastrup

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