The Gossip Game Style Wars: Outfits On Outfits On Outfits

At it’s core, The Gossip Game is a competitive show between ambitious women, so it’s not the end of the world to peg the ladies against one another, right? During a photo shoot here at VH1 headquarters, we got the all seven cast members to flex their modeling muscle and show off their Spring ’fits.

We’ve got dresses, a skirt and top, pants, and shorts. So it comes to this: Who wore it best? Of the ladies’ outfits below, which are the most flattering and fresh? Take a look and let your voice be heard by taking the poll below, and check back each Monday before the show airs at 11pm to see what we’re ranking next!

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  • 500×700-1367526416_0

  • 500×700-1367526417_0

  • 500×700-1367526418

  • 500×700-1367526420

  • 615×462-1367526418

  • 615×4621-1367526420

  • 615×4622-1367526419

  • angfit-1367526414

  • sharfit1-1367526415

  • sharfit2-1367526415

Which Gossip Game Star Had The Best Outfit?

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