I’m Married To A…: Can The Threat Of Alien Life Come Between Man And Wife?

We’ve seen a good amount of atypical love stories on I’m Married To A… thus far, but this Sunday’s episode introduces us to a couple who’s out of this world. (Please forgive us, dear pun gods.) Jen and her equally “freaky deaky” husband Chris have a strong and committed relationship, despite the activity that takes up one of the largest portions of Chris’ day: thinking about undiscovered life…out there. Whether it’s a “UFO/alien hobby,” or a “way of life,” at least they’ll never run out of conversation topics at cocktail parties?

It’s not everyday you meet someone who swears he had an extraterrestrial encounter, and who didn’t love E.T. as a child? Check out how much of Chris’ day is consumed by thoughts of other planets and whether or not his fixation places a strain on their relationship in the sneak peek above.

Catch an all-new episode of I’m Married To A… on Sunday at 10/9C.

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