Tonight’s Gossip Game Pre-Show Debate: Mixing Business With Pleasure

Before a new episode of The Gossip Game airs at 11pm ET/PT tonight, watch cast members Kim Osorio and JasFly discuss maneuvering personal relationships while working in the hip hip media sphere. Tonight at 10:30pm ET/PT, The Gossip Game pre-show debate will hold no punches!

Should hip hop journalists draw a line between professional protocol and their personal lives? This week’s conversation, powered by ooVoo, will be hosted by celebrity blogger and founder of, Fred Mwangaguhunga.

In addition to ooVoo’s free, high-quality, social video chat service and integrated instant messaging bringing multi-party HD video chat to more than 75 million registered users worldwide, voting results of the debate will be captured exclusively by Bedloo, a new interactive voting platform for y’all to play with.

Don’t forget your hashtags: #GossipGameDebate #GossipGame #GetInTheMyx