“Around The River Bend”: Who Put On The Best Show In Episode 4 of Off Pitch?

In tonight’s episode of Off Pitch, the Grand River Singers brought their showmanship to a new level when they tackled the songs of Stephen Schwartz and got a brand new bus. Rob also put on a show when he was tasked with joining GRS on stage when another member had to sit out. But who had the most showmanship and who put on the best show? Let’s find out…


When Rob and Tim announced that they were auditioning soloists for two Stephen Schwartz songs (WHO DOESN’T KNOW “MEADOWLARK”!?!?!? Hint: me.), Malachi finally got his stab at the spotlight. Even though Greg swaggered through his audition like he already had the part, Malachi wowed Rob and Tim and snatched the gig. He gave a good show.

Molly J

We haven’t seen a lot of Molly J on the show before because she hasn’t had a dramatic breakdown yet. However, as she proved in her solo audition, she does have a lovely soprano voice that soars and causes Jon to make faces. Like Malachi, Molly J won the solo which surprised several members on the group. She also gave good show.


Rob has always been the heart and soul of GRS, but until tonight’s episode he kept the theatrics behind the scenes. When one of the guys is out for their big Apple Fest?? show, Marcia suggests that Rob fills in. What follows is an episode of emotional ups and downs as Rob goes from proudly declaring that he can get the choreography for “Color My World” down pat in time to nervously admitting he’s not sure he can do it to crying about how much he misses performing. Rob not only gave good show on stage, but he gave us the emotional journey of the entire episode.

Roy G. Biv the Bus

In tonight’s episode we were introduced to the newest member of GRS: Roy G. Biv. Named after the colors of the rainbow, Roy is more than metal and vinyl covered seats–he’s GRS’s totem. In the course of one day, Roy went from rusting on a backlot to becoming a technicolor dream machine. That’s quite a transformation–and that’s quite a show.


And the winner is…


Roy G. Biv almost came out on top, but Roy’s a bus, and not a stage performer. Rob is usually the unsung hero of GRS, but tonight he finally sang…and danced…and teared up. Go Rob!

Of course, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Let us know who you think put on the best show in tonight’s episode.

Who Put On The Best Show?

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