The Gossip Game: Kim And Kino Confront Steph Lova About Cheating Rumors

We first met Steph Lova last week, after she left quite the impression on Vivian, and now she’s back on The Gossip Game to wreak havoc on radio shows and test the marriage of our beloved Kim and Kino. After hearing about Viv’s choice reaction to Steph’s comments, Kim’s ears were burning as word hit that she and hubby Kino (and his alleged cheating) were next on her list of juicy gossip.

Just like Viv wanted to clear the air about a subject that was near and dear to her heart, Kim was ready to meet Steph face to face and chat about some false statements regarding her marriage that were spreading like wildfire. Say what you will about Kino’s fashion sense or tendency for word vomit, but things change when you go around blabbing that he’s cheating on his wife. And not just stepping out–according to Steph’s tale, poor Kim caught him in the act in bed, too. In classy Kim Osorio fashion, the move is not to spit or shout, but meet Steph in public (no exactly the threesome Kino had in mind…), so she can “confront her, get it out the way, and move on.” What kind of restaurant has the best ambiance for talk of extramarital affairs? We’ve already tackled threesomes.

Steph maintains her best flabbergasted face, lets a few f-bombs fly, and attempts to appease “Kimmy” via her general sense of bewilderment. She would never! Ahem, this Source boss thinks differently. “Y’all sound like two dudes right now. Y’all sound like Bloods and Crips,” adds Kino, who held that slightly controversial comparison in for an impressive amount of time.

Does this look like the face of someone who suddenly realized she’d been caught in a terrible lie… on camera? Pretty much!

In the end, the two parties can’t seem to see eye to eye, but Kim does her due diligence in speaking her piece, letting Steph know she knows, and reaffirming that this radio personality is someone you might want to think twice about before getting close to. But what do YOU think?

Did Kim keep her cool while confronting Steph? Was Kino at his most supportive yet? Is the world just trying to assassinate Steph Lova’s character on national television? Let us know below

Was Kim Right To Confront Steph Lova About The Cheating Rumors?

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