The Best Cast Tweets From Last Night’s Gossip Game Episode

Relationship turmoil. Music video shoots. Backstabbing. A lot went down on last night’s episode of The Gossip Game, and you can re-live all the action in one place through the cast’s live-tweets.

Panning out from last week’s hyper focused issues between Viv and Steph Lova, this week’s episode covered quite a few bases. For starters, K. Foxx is starring in a Wyclef video, JasFly is dating a new suitor, and Star is trying to seduce Ms. Drama. LOLWHUT?

What’s going on with Sharon and Garland? Angela had no issue asking, that’s for sure! Ands Viv continues to come to terms with her son Kayden’s tranisitoning gender, Kim serves as a sounding board and gets some bad news of her own: Steph Lova’s mouth has struck again.

Peep the tweets!

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