K. Foxx Opens Up About Her Extra TV Gig, Plus Beauty Product Obsessions + Tips!

Coming from behind the Hot 97 morning radio mic and entering the TV world as the face of Extra TV, The Gossip Game’s K. Foxx has to focus not only on sharpening the knives in her gift-of-gab drawer, but also look the part. Luckily for the former dancer and new video vixen in Wyclef’s “Mid Life Crisis,” K. Foxx is no stranger to audience close-ups.

For this poised beauty, keeping her already-stunning skin in good condition is no problem. In the clip above, find out what products she uses to maintain her glow as well as the brand of lip gloss that she can’t live without. Not to mention, she has a few makeup tips for all you ladies out there who take a more heavy approach to what they apply. The media personality also chatted with VH1 about accessories because – little known fact – Kay is working on a jewelry line with a regal lion theme that’s gearing to be unveiled by Summer. Her site, kfoxx.com will have all the details, so stay tuned.

And what’s the scoop on the Extra TV gig she told Sharon and Angela about at Ms. Drama’s revealing party a few weeks ago? Watch the clip below to get the 411!

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