Don’t Hate The Gossip, Hate The Game: Kim Osorio Recaps Episode 6

Each week that The Gossip Game airs, one of the show’s ambitious cast members will share their reactions to that Monday’s episode by writing a guest blog entry exclusively for VH1. Recapping this week is Kim Osorio, The Source’s Editor-In-Chief and a character tied to many of the episode’s major events.

The Game of gossip is so vividly depicted in Episode 6 of The Gossip Game. For me, I got a taste of it firsthand while this show was in production. But before I spill the beans on how it truly ends, I will enlighten you on what took place on the screen last night.

The show opens with Viv and me at a store we somehow ended up at. The circle of gossip begins when Viv gives me some information that I had actually heard from someone else before. It involves me, Kino, Steph Lova, Viv and for some reason, the bed Kino and I comfortably sleep in at night. Now everyone who has been following the show knows that Viv and Steph had a huge fallout during taping because of Steph’s comments that Viv’s daughter was “gay” (she’s transgender). But somehow, I became a casualty of war in this situation. In a conversation that Viv had with Star last episode, she mentioned some “gossip” that Steph said about me to Viv while they were still friends. When I first hear this news, I’m confused. So confused. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why Steph would make up a story. Let me be clear, Kino is nobody’s angel. That’s evident. But me finding him in bed with a woman? Never happened. (I might have killed him). Why would Steph say something like that?

I never believed it was malicious, and I always give people that I know the benefit of the doubt. In this case, it sounded like a game of telephone. I even went back into the relationship vaults and thought that she was talking about Kayla’s biological father (who yes, I happened to catch in a hotel room with another woman 12 years ago). Sounds close enough, right? It had to be what she was talking about, I thought.

Anyway, I’ll get back to that. Let’s talk about another couple for a second: Sharon and Garland. It starts when Sharon and Garland go on a double date with Angela and Marlon and the only thing that concerns me here is the fact that the two dudes’ names rhyme. Awkward. “Sharland” (as I’ll call them from now on) have been struggling with their relationship status (“It’s complicated,” Sharon says). Newsflash: you see each other every day (or night), you have sex, and you look like you’re in love. Guess what? You’re a couple. All the other stuff that transpired in the past should just stay there! Anyway, later on, Sharland has a heart to heart conversation about the status of their “complicated” relationship and the two lovebirds decide to take another stab at their relationship. This is a good thing for Sharon, in my opinion. I’ve always said she needs more of a “thug,” and though Garland isn’t really a thug, he does happen to be a Jamaican from Brooklyn.

The next two lovebirds up for discussion are Star and Ms. Drama. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but let’s just play along for a minute. Drama asks Star to be a guest on her radio show and he responds by calling her a “hot bitch” and asking her to smack him to turn him on. Ms. Drama obliges with a smack and Star is mildly aroused. Later on in this episode, Star does the interview.

Also, Viv and Kayden talk about the Steph spitting situation. Viv tells Kayden that she wants to get a tattoo of all of her kids’ names on her neck. Kayden wants her to get the name “Kayden,” but Viv wants to use the name that she gave her daughter, Khadijah. Viv and I meet up again at Sofrito’s for dinner and she tells me this, but ultimately breaks down while trying to explain and accept the fact that Kayden feels strongly about this.

Oh, and I can’t forget about Jas meeting a “boy.” In an early scene with her friend Lowkey (shout out to my industry son!), Jas tells Low that she’s met someone. Later on, we see Jas and her date Grant at Scratch Academy, which was by far the best location for a date that this show has seen. The date seems to go well, but I’ll reserve my comments for later, because there’s more to come with these two and I personally can’t wait to see their next date (oops, spoiler alert). All I do know right now is that Grant is pretty bad at doing the running man.

Which brings me to the end of the episode. Me, Kino, Steph and (disclaimer) a few glasses of Malibu mojito. When I confront Steph about the rumor, she denies ever saying it. But since I’d heard it before from someone else, I’m doubtful. After a long call this morning (not on the episode), Steph explained herself. You will have to stay tuned to learn more, if we ever get a chance to address it again. But the bottom line is, as everyone who knows me understands, I don’t really care about the gossip behind my back. I get it. People talk. And then the Bullsh*t walks. And at the end of it all, Kino and I usually find it funny. To us, it’s gossip, and we just play the game.

Many thanks to Kim for guest-starring on VH1 Blog this week! Check out her outfits from this week’s episode below, and stay tuned for next week’s cast contributor!

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